Oregon Governor Says ‘Uninvite’ Your Family Members


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Oregon Gov. Kate Brown is telling residents to “uninvite” their family members for Thanksgiving for their own safety and protection, reports said.

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On Tuesday, Brown shared a video on Twitter telling people to “uninvite” whomever they wanted to spend Thanksgiving with.

“This is hard, but making difficult sacrifices now will save lives,” Brown tweeted. “This Thanksgiving, keep it small. Uninvite them.”

The video then showed a list of people for Oregonians to uninvite, including “your new boyfriend,”  “your drunken uncle,” “your argumentative aunt,” “your bragging brother,” and “your vegan niece.”

Last week, Brown issued guidelines banning Oregon residents from eating out at restaurants or going to the gym while limiting all social gatherings to just six people.

Brown said then, “We are eight months into the pandemic. We all have COVID fatigue. But we must stay vigilant. As the holidays approach, the best way to show our love this season is to rethink how we celebrate. I’m urging all Oregonians to limit their holiday get-togethers and wear a mask!” 

In another statement, Brown said, “I know Oregonians have made tremendous sacrifices throughout this pandemic and that these new, temporary restrictions may seem daunting. But, we are at a breaking point. If we don’t take further action, we risk continued alarming spikes in infections and hospitalizations, and we risk the lives of our neighbors and loved ones.”

“I also know that Oregonians come together in times of need, and we owe it to each other to take these measures seriously. It is up to all of us to work together to get this virus under control,” she added.

Earlier this week, Brown encouraged her citizens to call the cops on their neighborswho have too many guests inside their homes.

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