“Osama bin Laden is alive” … Trump raises controversy again


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Trump stated that whoever was killed in the raid was only a surrogate, “which sparked widespread controversy in the United States.

The tweet that Trump re-posted belongs to an account linked to “QAnon”, an anonymous formation supporting Trump, which promotes conspiracy theories on social media.

Activists posted pictures of tweets confirming Trump’s re-publication of the tweet, while Twitter apparently closed the “Oscar the midnight rider 1111” account that published the article.

Commenting on Trump’s tweet, Robert O’Neill, a member of the “Cell Team 6” unit, the team that killed Osama bin Laden, told the American “CNN” channel, sarcastically: “Is it reasonable that we killed Osama bin Johnson?”, Adding that “a lot Of people will directly believe Trump, and it could reach a point where it’s more than just a political risk. “

O’Neill said, “A person cannot tweet a similar tweet if he has this number of followers on a topic of this importance. There are people who consider Trump’s words sacred, and it is not possible to reach their own conclusions in this regard.”

He stressed that Trump knows what happened then, and he has the highest security clearance in the country, and therefore he can access information and pictures of intelligence agencies.

Source : vistabuzz

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