Palestinian prisoner Maher Al-Akhras sends a message to Syria and its army


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The World – Syria

The al-Akhras prisoner, who entered his 90th day on a hunger strike, expressed in a “video recording” of him his pride in the steadfastness of Syria, its people and its army in the face of the foreign terrorist plot and war against it by operating extremist groups huddling behind Islam .. Islam is innocent of it.

I salute Syria and its heroic army that fought these takfirist criminals and their associates who support them from abroad, and God willing, Syria will triumph over them and purify its land from them.

The dumb prisoner also thanked Russia and its president, Vladimir Putin, for their interference in his case with the aim of finding a solution to it.

The silent prisoner continues his continuous hunger strike for the 90th day in a row to protest the ongoing crimes of the Israeli occupation against the Palestinian prisoners, at a time when the occupation authorities, in flagrant violation of international human rights law, refuse to release him despite warnings by Palestinian and human rights organizations about his severe health deterioration.

Source : vistabuzz

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