Pamputtae sides with Skillibeng in “jacket” saga


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Pamputtae may be the Single Mother ambassador, but she isn’t taking sides with LeshiiBeng, the alleged former babymother of deejay Skillibeng.


The artiste took to her Instagram Live on Wednesday night to defend Skillibeng’s decision to reportedly do a DNA test on a child mothered by Leshii.

“Nuh badda feel like seh mi a go come pondis and seh ‘oh, Skillibeng fi min’ di pickney’, no, him have the right to dohim DNA,” she said. “Mi lick out pon the man dem weh know seh a yourpickney and yuh nah tek care a dem. Mi cuss dem man deh. But if yuh man don’tsure seh di child is his and him a do a DNA, nothing nuh wrong wid dat. If himfind out seh a not fi him pickney him suppose to move along.”

Social media was all about Mr Universe on Wednesday as Leshii uploaded a video explaining her account of the “jacket” saga after claims that he sent his superfans to drag her online.

According to her, they had an intimate relationship, but she was also seeing other men. She said she wasn’t upset about him doing the test but was upset that he did it without her knowledge.

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Not the father


He reportedly isn’t the father.

Pamputtae said “jacket-givers”should face legal consequences.

“Yuh have two man and yuh a have sex withthe two of them unprotected, weh yuh expect a go happen? When yuh breed yuh nahgo know a who,” she said. “At least yuh can seh ‘well a two man mihave but dah one yah sex mi inna condom and it never buss yet’. Yuh cya blame aman if him waan DNA. Yuh see like how when a man kill a woman or anybody him goa jail and go face the consequences? A suh some woman fi go a jail. Dem need fiput out a law bout it.”

She added that women who are opposed to or get upset if a man does the test surreptitiously have something to hide.

“A true yuh know seh is not the manpickney; is only when yuh don’t sure yuh don’t want a DNA,” she said.“Just as mi bun out the man dem weh have dem youth and nah tek care a demyouth, so mi a bun out the female dem too weh a run di jacket pon the mandem.”

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