Pompeo – the man no one believed


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The world – today’s issue

This man was a liar, deceitful and plunderer, chosen by the moronic US President Donald Trump, who is known to the American people as the most deceitful American president, for the position of the US Secretary of State, and assigned him one and only mission, which is to bring the Islamic Republic to Iran and set the world against it, in the service of their master Benjamin Netanyahu and global Zionism . Immediately from the first day in office, Pompeo had only opened his mouth and mentioned Iran with a dozen lies, until it was said that had Pompeo been prevented from uttering Iran, he would have been mute and unable to construct a useful sentence.

Pompeo used his shameful experience in lying, deceit and plunder against Iran, just as he used all the capabilities of America, its allies and their tails, against it, but his use of his experience and the capabilities of America exceeded all reasonable limits, and he was affixed to Iran, even the accusations that the Americans affixed to each other, such as ” The industry of Al-Qaeda and the “industry of ISIS” and other takfiri groups. Rather, it is affixed to Iran, even the accusations that the US intelligence services have attributed to its allies such as Saudi Arabia, such as the attacks of September 11th. Rather, it linked the Saudi pirates who carried out the September 11 attacks with Iran, so that the security and intelligence agencies in America did not pay any attention to what he says Not only was the head of its diplomacy on Iran, but it also openly questioned his claims about Iran, until his talk about Iran became almost like a raving.

It seems that Pompeo, who has come to be seen by the American political elites, is the most failed foreign minister who has passed through America’s history, and most of this failure is due to his failure to deal with Iran, which led, not only to American diplomacy, but to America’s standing in the world itself. To the bottom, he did not take notice of his failure, and the setbacks that befell the US diplomacy, made it discredited, not only with the Western allies, but even with the CIA !!. His failed diplomatic career capped, by the way, the biggest lie, which, by the way, about Iran as well, sparked, by the way, also the ridicule of the intelligence community in America, when he announced information he described as “secret and sensitive about Iran’s association with Al Qaeda !!”, and “Iran’s transformation into a new Afghanistan.” “Al-Qaeda leaders in Iran,” “The second man of al-Qaeda was killed in Iran,” and “many of the perpetrators of the September 11 attacks traveled to Iran.”

We are not here to respond to Pompeo’s lies, and to explain the parties behind the founding of Al Qaeda, the penitential ideas it carried, the money spent on it, the weapons that were supplied with it, and the parties that fought it. Or an account of what senior US officials said about America’s role in making Al Qaeda, and the rest of the takfiri groups headed by ISIS, and the use of these groups against the axis of resistance and the Islamic Republic in Iran in particular, and in the interest of “Israel” and the reactionary Arab regimes. They respond to the lies of Pompeo, the man that no one believes.

The American media and press that reported Pompeo’s “secrets” commented on these “secrets” by saying that Pompeo “did not provide concrete evidence for what he said,” and that “doubts within the intelligence community and Congress in America about these accusations remain.” Among them was someone who quoted a source who described it as a “former senior American intelligence official with direct knowledge of the case,” saying: “The Iranians have never been friendly with Al Qaeda before or after the September 11 attacks, and any allegations regarding the current cooperation should be dealt with cautiously.” . As for the advisors to President-elect Joe Biden, they announced that the Trump administration is trying to make it difficult for him to re-engage with Iran and join an international agreement on Iran’s nuclear program !!

It seems that the Americans did not wait for the Iranian reactions to what Pompeo said, as they took care to respond to him, due to the size of the lie that he launched, which came under the influence of the Nazi saying that stressed that the lie is the greater the more believable !!.

The tweets made by Pompeo and the statements he made, before and after, detonated his biggest lie, clearly revealed the reasons behind the scandal. Pompeo said in a tweet: “The flexibility of foreign policy calls for the constant search for a moderate person in the Iranian regime who works to normalize relations between Tehran and Washington, but it is difficult to find a moderate person within the Iranian regime to do this job.” He also published pictures of Iran’s leaders, commenting on them by saying, “They threaten America and Israel every day.” He also repeated his statement that Iran threatens the normalization process between Arab countries and Israel. ”This confirms that Pompeo still believes, in a childish imagination, that his lies will complicate Biden’s return to the nuclear agreement, or that they will instill fear of Iran in the hearts of members of the Biden administration.

Finally, there is news reported by the Israeli media, and some ignored it, but it reveals the truth of Pompeo’s “secrets”, which are secrets, by the way, dating back to the period when Pompeo was director of the CIA !! It reveals the secret of timing, as well as reveals the parties who instigated Pompeo to say what he said, and this news was reported by Channel 12 on Israeli television, according to which: “The head of the Israeli Mossad, Yossi Cohen, met with Pompeo before the latter made his statements about Iran.”

Saeed Muhammed – the scientist

Source : vistabuzz

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