Prices of food commodities in Syria jump mercilessly!


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The World – Syria

According to a tour in some Damascus market, the price of a liter of sunflower oil increased to about 4 thousand SYP, and a liter of soybean oil jumped to 3500 SYP, in contrast the price of a tin of olive oil exceeded 100 thousand SYP, and the price of graduate oil reached To more than 120 thousand SYP.

As for the price of fattening, the price of a package of beef ghee amounted to 2 kilograms of the first type, the price of which was 30 thousand Syrian pounds, and a package of vegetable ghee with a capacity of 2 kilograms “Al-Reef” was 8500 Syrian pounds and about 10 thousand pounds for a package of good ghee and a package of ghee Shahd Zana One kilogram was priced at 4,600 SYP, and 4,000 SYP for a package of Farzat ghee weighing one kilogram.

As for the prices of food supplies, according to a tour of the markets, the price of a kilo of Spanish rice reached about 2000 Syrian pounds on average, while Egyptian rice reached 2200 pounds.

As for a kilo of bulgur, both of its coarse and fine types, it settled at the price of 1800 Syrian pounds, and a kilo of loose pasta, the price reached 1600 Syrian pounds, and an envelope was about 1700 Syrian pounds.

While the price of a kilo of black lentils remained about 1500 Syrian pounds, and crushed 1900 Syrian pounds, and the price of a kilo of chickpeas reached 1500 Syrian pounds. As for the beans, the price of beans reached 2000 Syrian pounds, and broad beans reached 2400 pounds.
A kilo of sugar reached 1100 Syrian pounds, and a kilogram of packed flour became 1300 Syrian pounds, and an extra kilo of 1000 pounds.
The price of a kilo of loose tea has reached the price of 15,000 Syrian pounds, as for coffee, it still fluctuates according to the type 2000 to 2500 pounds for an envelope of a quarter kilo capacity.

In light of all this, the indicative prices announced by the Ministry of Internal Trade and Consumer Protection appeared to be of no value in the market, as according to the announcement they may not be exceeded and as the upper limit, so that it becomes clear according to the market that they have become the lowest limit for basic materials.

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