Qalibaf: Ending the arms embargo against Iran is a major defeat for Washington


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World – Iran

Qalibaf added today, Sunday, at the opening of the public session of the Islamic Consultative Assembly, that ending the arms embargo stipulated in Resolution 2231, which will start from today, is considered a defeat for the US administration despite its illegal measures to activate the trigger mechanism in which it was defeated, considering all this a great achievement for the Iranian people.

Qalibaf stressed the necessity of taking strong reactions to US pressure and regarding the sale and purchase of weapons.

The head of the Islamic Consultative Council stated that the coming days are important for us and that successfully bypassing them lies in walking and implementing the instructions of the Leader of the Islamic Revolution and striving to solve the people’s problems and constantly monitor the enemy so that he does not seek to implement the ban again.

Source : vistabuzz

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