Qualcomm launches a larger and faster under-screen fingerprint sensor


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It seems that the fingerprint sensor technology under the screen will become a new fashion after Qualcomm announced the second generation of the 3D Sonic Sensor, which worked to provide a great development compared to the first generation, in terms of size and speed of response.

The second generation covers a larger area than the previous one, to allow it to be touched more easily, and its response is higher than the first generation, which makes its use experience better.

This new generation comes with an area of ​​8 * 8 mm compared to 4 * 9 mm previously, so there is an increase in the size of 77% to receive the fingerprint with higher accuracy. The company says the response has been accelerated by about 50% as well.

Qualcomm launched the first generation of the fingerprint sensor under the screen two years ago with the optical scanner technology, and it was common in the most prominent smartphones that use this type of fingerprint, but today, with ultrasound technology, it has become better and faster.

The fingerprint sensors under the old screen faced many problems, especially security, as they opened when touched by any finger other than the registered finger when there were some screen protection stickers.

It is expected that we will see new smartphones that use the developed Qualcomm sensor starting next month, and we may see it in the Samsung Galaxy S21, which will be announced after daily, especially as the Korean company used Qualcomm sensors under the screen in its previous flagship S and Note phones.


Source : vistabuzz

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