Razvan enters history … and the Wattan invades the hearts of the Hilalis


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Blue celebrations for the historic trilogy after crowning the most expensive tournament

Despite its absence from the stands and the historic crowning moments of the King’s Cup that completed the decade of the historic triple for its team, the Crescent fans celebrated in all shapes and ways, while the team members, led by coach Razvan, won praise and praise for their distinguished successes that resulted in this great achievement.

For its part, the Romanian Pro Sport newspaper praised its citizen Razvan Lucescu, who led Al Hilal to achieve a historic triple, after combining the AFC Champions League title with the Prince Mohammed bin Salman Professional Cup League and the King’s Cup.

The newspaper reported that Razvan writes history in Saudi Arabia, and quoted Lucescu’s statement, who said: “I am very proud; You made history. No one has done this in Saudi Arabia, and even in the world. Few of them have won three titles like the one we got: Mourinho with Inter, Guardiola with Barcelona and Bayern, and I think the Chinese Guangzhou Evragrande team under the leadership of their Libyan coach.

“Some of them only dream about these achievements when they start a career,” Razvan added. It seems simple: there are three titles, but not everyone has the strength and nerves to always stay motivated, and always has the desire to win, ”adding:“ The idea that everyone wants to make history helped us motivate players. ”

Regarding his match against the traditional opponent, Razvan said: “Victory had to save his season; I defeated them twice in 5 days. ”

And Lucescu had said, in an interview broadcast by the media center of Al-Hilal club after the match: “I hope that the fans of Al-Hilal are happy; It was a great night: 3 trophies in an amazing season; What happened is not easy, ”he said, adding:“ A lot of work, a lot of sacrifices, a lot of jogging. In any case, we are happy on the coronation night, and from tomorrow we will regain our strength to continue achieving more victories. ”

For his part, the young goalkeeper Habib Al-Wattan entered the hearts of Al Hilalis from the broadest doors after his brilliance in the last two matches against Al-Nasr: the first in the league, and the second in the final of the most expensive cups.

And after the expiration of only the first month of his signature to Al-Hilal coming from Al-Fateh club, without any competition from any clubs to win his services, except for his former club, Al-Wattayan proved to be a great gain for the Hilal guard, especially since international goalkeeper Abdullah Al-Mayouf did not find a competitor for him, in the three years The latter at least, although several local names were attracted, including the former guard of the unit, Abdullah Al-Jadani, which raised concern among Al-Hilal supporters when any discussion of the possibility of Al-Mayouf being absent from injury or other conditions.

Al-Wattayan managed to prove his worth since his first match against Al-Nasr in the fifth round of the Prince Mohammed bin Salman Professional League Championship, where he kept a clean sheet in front of the strongest and most ingenious attackers in the last two seasons of the Saudi League, represented by Moroccan Abdul Razzaq Hamdallah, where he stood For a number of very dangerous balls, which gave him the title of man of the match, in which his team maintained the top of the league at the end of that round.

With the confidence of a wide range of Al-Hilal supporters after the first match, there are those who expected the return of the veteran goalkeeper, Abdullah Al-Mayouf, in the King’s Cup final against Al-Nasr as well. That Al Watan is the weakest link, and that match causes an early end for him if he does not excel in it.

The voices that questioned Al-Wattan’s ability even after joining the Saudi team in the last camp represented a great incentive to prove to them again that he is coming strongly in guarding the net of the first Saudi and Asian team, and that his brilliance in the league match was not a coincidence, but rather the result of great capabilities that he gained and confidence He won and determined to be one of the best goalkeepers in the Saudi League, which is overwhelmed by the presence of foreign guards.

The great response by Al-Wattian to the scorer Hamdallah’s shot in the 77th minute of the final confrontation was the most important confrontation in his career, especially as he prevented a goal achieved that almost brought the result to a draw, and raised the competitor’s morale in order to turn the tables, and won the title absent from his coffers for 3 decades. from time.

After that final, he won for the second time the man of the match title, to prove that it is one of the most important gains for guarding Al-Hilal in particular, and Saudi football in general.

Speaking about a part of the life of the wattan guard, he lives in the town of “Al-Fadoul”, one of the eastern villages in Al-Ahsa Governorate, and there is no official club in his town. Rather, the teams are all rural “talk shows”, which made him think at an early age of enhancing his talent in one The largest club in Al-Ahsa Governorate (Al-Fateh Club) in Al-Mubarraz city, crossing more than “40” km daily, accompanied by its discoverer Naji Al-Hamdan, in order to perform training and participate in possible matches.

Al-Wattayan is one of the discoveries of Saudi Al-Haras coach Naji Al-Hamdan, who represented Al-Rawda in his golden era when he was in the Premier League (now professional), where Al-Hamdan strengthened his capabilities, through Al-Fateh club buds in Al-Haras, which he owns in his contract, as a former coach in Al-Fath Club .

He indicated that the registration of the guard took place for a very small amount, not exceeding one thousand riyals, when he was approximately 9 years old.

He explained that the trainer Turki Al-Sultan predicted a great future for Al-Wattayan in his early days when he saw him, and recommended Al-Wattayan to “maintain the programs that trainer Al-Hamdan puts in, including fitness and physicality.”

Al-Hamdan believes, in an interview with Al-Sharq Al-Awsat, that Al-Watan is a model of patience, perseverance and the endeavor to develop himself one day from another. He is also distinguished by calmness and listening to directions, and confidence, which is the most important factor in the success of any goalkeeper, indicating that Al-Ahsa is rich in a large number of talents in goalkeeping as well, whether in the academy that it owns or in official clubs, and even in the discussion teams deployed in it.

Al-Hamdan affirmed that he expects the academy he founded years ago to emerge from the distinguished keepers of Saudi football.

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