Republican leader in ‘sheikhs’ opposes Trump’s withdrawal plan from Afghanistan and Iraq


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McConnell said, in a statement made on Monday during a hearing in the Senate: “A rapid withdrawal of US forces from Afghanistan at this time will harm our allies and will please people who want evil for us.”

He continued that “the repercussions of the early American withdrawal may be worse than the exit from Iraq in 2011 during the presidency of (Barack) Obama,” considering that this measure led at the time to the growth of “ISIS”.

The Republican leader in the Senate believed that withdrawing American forces from Afghanistan would “encourage” the “Taliban” movement and give “Al Qaeda” a very great propaganda victory and a safe haven for planning attacks on America.

He said that there is nothing that the armed groups in Afghanistan want more than the withdrawal of “the most powerful force for good in world history,” referring to the United States.

The American forces that invaded Afghanistan a month after the attacks of September 11, 2001 overthrew the “Taliban” government in Kabul, and the American military remained in the country to support the pro-Washington authorities in the war against the movement.

However, on February 29, 2020, the United States and “Taliban” signed in Doha the first peace agreement between the two parties, which provided for the withdrawal of foreign forces from Afghanistan after 14 months and the launch of an internal Afghan dialogue in the Qatari capital after a deal was concluded with the Afghan government on the exchange of prisoners.

Trump, who is seeking re-election on November 3, is eager to be credited with ending the longest US war, and his administration has expressed its intention to use the aid as a way to boost the chances of reaching a peace agreement in Afghanistan.

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