Republican senator mocking the name Kamala Harris


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Purdue, who is locked in a fierce battle for re-election in the Senate, spoke to Democrat John Usoff at a rally for President Donald Trump in Georgia on Friday evening..

A video clip of Purdue’s speech showed him repeatedly making exaggerated attempts to pronounce the name before saying, “I don’t know, whatever it is” amid the laughter of the crowd..

In response, Usov tweeted that Purdue would not have made fun of any man or white fellow in the Senate..

Harris’s spokeswoman, Sabrina Singh, responded on Twitter on Friday by saying, “Well, this is incredibly racist behavior.”“.

Democratic Senator Amy Klobuchar, representing Minnesota, said in a tweet posted Saturday: “He knows her name. There are only 100 of us (in the Senate).”) “.

Purdue’s campaign spokesman John Burke responded by saying on Twitter that Purdue had simply mispronounced Senator Harris’ name, and he did not mean anything of that.“.

Harris is a member of the US Senate from California and the daughter of immigrants from India and Jamaica.

Former Vice President, Democratic presidential candidate, Joe Biden, named her as his running mate in August, making her the first black woman and the first Asian American to join the presidential card of a major party..

Source : vistabuzz

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