RTX 3060 card officially from Nvidia with 12GB of memory


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Today, Nvidia has officially announced the RTX 3060 card, which targets the middle class of the RTX 3xxx generation, which offers the highest performance currently with games by a large difference from previous generations.

The new Rtx 3060 card comes with 12 GB of RAM from GDDR6 technology and will provide approximately 13 teraflops of single-core performance with 35 teraflops in RTX technology, in addition to 101 Tensor-flop in AI operations such as DLSS and other settings.

The card offers a 90% increase in frame rate and performance with most games compared to the GTX 1060 generation and up to 20 or 30% increase in RTX and DLSS technologies compared to the RTX 2060 generation.

RTX 3060 card officially from Nvidia with 12GB memory 1

This enables the card to maintain a frame rate higher than 60 frames per second in most of the games currently in existence, including the game Cyberpunk 2077 crashed computers and graphics cards.

These specifications make the upgrade from the GTX generation, regardless of the card to the RTX 3060 generation or other cards, an excellent and attractive thing for many players around the world, which encourages users to switch to it officially.

Of course, you can expect an appropriate increase in performance with appropriate definitions, in addition to a good increase in the performance of the computer in terms of content creation and dealing with various video files, render and artificial intelligence technologies.

The price of the 3060 RTX card comes at approximately $ 329 as an official price – of course we will not see it sold at this price at least initially – and it is supposed to become officially available around the world at the end of next February.


Source : vistabuzz

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