Russia may ban YouTube for violations against its citizens


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Russia may ban YouTube for violations against its citizens

Russia could block YouTube and other major US social media platforms due to “censoring” content from Russia’s state media agency, according to For a draft bill It was presented to Parliament last Thursday.

The bill makes clear that the Attorney General’s Office and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will be able to identify foreign platforms that they perceive as violating Russians’ rights by restricting content. This designation will allow the Russian federal media watchdog Roskomnadzor to block the platform in whole or in part.

The explanatory memorandum for the bill designated sites (YouTube, Facebook and Twitter) to “censor” the accounts of Russian state-run news outlets (including RT, RIA Novosti and Crimea 24).

A Reuters translation of the explanatory memorandum says: “The urgent necessity to adopt the bill is due to numerous cases of unjustified restrictions on Russian citizens’ access to information in the Russian media.”

Russia may ban YouTube for violations against its citizens

The Kremlin said a mechanism was needed to counter perceived discrimination in Russian content, but it stopped short of endorsing the restrictions.

Spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters, according to Bloomberg, that “discriminatory measures against Russian agents of these services have taken place.”

Legislators in the lower house of the Russian Parliament, the State Duma and the Federal Council of the Union must approve the bill before President Vladimir Putin can sign it into law.

Currently, Moscow imposes relatively small fines on Facebook and Twitter for failing to comply with the 2015 law requiring social media companies to store Russian user data on Russian servers. Russia blocked access to the LinkedIn recruitment network for violating this law in 2016.

Russia tried to block the popular messaging app Telegram in 2018, as we published on Swalif Soft Its time, to not share encryption keys with security services.

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