Sanaa … 5 people have been sentenced to death for a crime that shook Yemen


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The World – Yemen

The Court of Appeal of the Capital Sana’a, Sana’a, approved in its fourth session, today, Saturday, the execution of five accused in the case of the killing of the young Abdullah Al-Aghbry, who spent the end of last August, in an incident that stirred Yemeni public opinion.

The verdict passed the execution of the defendants: Abdullah al-Sibai, Walid al-Amiri, Muhammad al-Hamidi, Dalil al-Jarba, and Munif al-Mughalis, who were convicted of the charges against them for killing the young Aghbari by firing to death.

The court acknowledged that the accused, Abdullah Ismail Muhammad Aoun al-Qudsi, has been imprisoned for two years in the case of the killing of the young man, Abdullah Al-Aghbry.

Whereas, the chapter of the cases against the seventh defendant, Adnan al-Sibai, approved misleading justice, and the eighth, Saddam al-Sibai, on charges of incitement to mislead the judiciary, and they are both fugitives from justice, according to the indictment provided by the Public Prosecution, and they are tried as defendants fugitive from justice.

And last week, Judge Ahmed Sharaf El-Din decided to reserve the case for review, provided that he would present what is necessary in this session.

The coroner’s report identified 790 assaults, between a kick, a punch, a lash, and a blow, which were visible and hidden in the victim’s body.

About 12 days after Al-Aghbry was killed, activists released a video recording in a small room in the Sibai shop that sells mobile phones, showing the torture that the young man was subjected to at the hands of five people who took turns beating him until he died on 27 August.

This video, which was leaked on September 9, was echoed widely, with angry demonstrations demanding retribution for the accused and revealing the motives and repercussions of torture, while the Yemeni Salvation Government pledged to conduct an urgent trial.

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