Solve the problem of calendar notifications for iPhone


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The problem of annoying iPhone calendar notifications is one of the most problems facing iPhone users for a long time and it is not new to them. Many users think that when these annoying notifications appear to him, his phone has been hacked, but it is a simple trick from various sites to force you to enter their pages and download And watch more ads.

Why does the iPhone calendar notifications problem appear?

This problem appears mainly because you entered a suspicious site – most likely you download pirated material or a pirated site – and you click on an advertising link for one of the contents on this site, most often this leads to the installation of a calendar or calendar for the pirated site that you accessed to show you These ads, these ads do not steal any data or any content from your phone, but they are only very annoying ads and cause a lot of inconvenience to users, whether they are professionals or not, so in terms of danger, do not worry, these annoying ads and notifications do not cause you any danger, you can worry from him.

Unfortunately, the iPhone calendar notifications subscription feature may prevent you from having a good opportunity to subscribe to the notifications lists for your country and official holidays, for example, where you can get alerts well in advance of the holiday and may also help you to attend certain lessons and seminars that you want to attend a lot and get the alert. Large so this method is very good but as usual everything can be used for bad reasons and good reasons.

The solution to the problem of hacking calendar notifications on iPhone:

  • The solution is very simple and very easy.
  • First, open the Calendar application or the calendar on your phone
  • Then click on the word Calendars below.
  • Head over to the subscriptions they are in and remove any that you did not install yourself.
  • To remove the subscription, click on the i-tab, then click on Delete Calendar.

Another way to do all this is by using the Settings app.

  • Go to the Settings program on your iPhone, then click on the Accounts and Passwords options

Calendar notifications problem

  • Open the option called Calendar Subscriptions

Calendar notifications problem

  • Click on the subscription you want to delete, then click on Delete Account to delete it permanently.

Calendar notifications problem

How to protect against calendar notifications and iPhone viruses:

There are many ways to be able to protect yourself from harmful and malicious viruses that may harm your device, whether it is iPhone or other devices, the most important point is not to enter the suspicious websites of pirated content and if you need and enter them, make sure not to click on any link except that link that You just need it, as clicking on a lot of links may harm your device and cause a lot of malware to install on it.

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