Spain and Tunisia are working to control illegal immigration


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The Spanish minister stated that he discussed with his Tunisian counterpart Tawfiq Sharaf al-Din and Prime Minister Hicham El-Mechichi the issue of irregular migration, human trafficking and illegal immigration networks.
“We have an opportunity to further deepen cooperation and coordination,” said Grandi Marlaska, according to a video posted by the Tunisian government on the Internet.
The Spanish minister expressed his country’s desire to benefit from the Tunisian experience in combating terrorism and called for “greater coordination between the two countries in the field of irregular migration.”
The number of young people wishing to immigrate from the countries of the Maghreb increased as a result of the blocked political and economic prospects and the social implications of the restrictions associated with the emerging coronavirus.
In turn, European countries stressed the pressure on the southern Mediterranean countries to stop waves of irregular migration.

Source : vistabuzz

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