Sudan: Officials from Hamdok’s office were infected with the Corona virus


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World – Sudan

According to the cabinet statement, Sheikh Khader, the chief advisor to Hamdok, and Muhammad Al-Fateh Zain Al-Abidin, Governor of the Central Sudanese Council, contracted the virus, and Ali Khayeb, director of the Prime Minister’s Office, also contracted the virus.

The statement indicated that a comprehensive examination was conducted for employees in the Council of Ministers, including Hamdok, his advisors and his assistant, and the result was negative, and the three officials are also receiving treatment.

Sudan is facing a dangerous epidemic situation in light of a dilapidated health system and lacks medical equipment and personnel. It also suffers from a stifling economic and social crisis from the accumulations of the rule of ousted President Omar al-Bashir.

International and local reports have warned of losing control of the epidemic in Sudan, indicating that the medical staff are suffering from exhaustion and do not have adequate protections to prevent infection, in addition to the fact that hospitals suffer from a shortage of equipment necessary to deal with an increasing number of people with Covid 19 disease.

As of Wednesday evening, Sudan had recorded a total of 13,747 cases of corona, including 837 deaths, and 6,764 recoveries.

Since last March, Sudan has recorded 13,765 cases of the epidemic, including 837 deaths. In July, Sudan ended its four-month lockdown.

Source : vistabuzz

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