Tesla is incorporating a new feature that provides remote access to the cameras in your car at any time


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Although the sentry position in Tesla cars may be useful, it does not provide much statistics from the car’s cameras until the moment of an accident, so what if you want to peek at any moment? This is what Tesla is thinking of doing exactly, as a report by Electrek revealed that the company will integrate a spy tool, which may reach electric cars, to provide direct remote access to the car’s cameras, through which suspicious behavior can be tracked before anything happens, or simply check The conditions surrounding your vehicle.

According to “engadget”, it is not only known how to do this, although you will likely use it for periodic operations rather than non-stop viewing, the streaming of the autopilot camera requires 30 megabytes per minute, and the phone will not be seriously strained with LTE or 5G connectivity.

Data usage may be sufficient to request a premium data subscription, although this is not guaranteed. It is not certain when the Live Cam update will arrive, if it has not been canceled in the first place.

However, should the advantage emerge, it might give Tesla an advantage over competitors, and while the chances of catching a thief or saboteur are very slim, that may not be the goal, insofar as the permanent monitoring factor provides peace of mind and an extra set of protection.

Source : vistabuzz

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