That’s major! Romeich gives his son big birthday surprise


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Artiste managerRomeich Major gave his son, Xzander, a big surprise on Friday, popping up athis United States home ahead of his birthday on Monday.

Romeich Major and his son, Xzander

In a videoRomeich shared on Instagram on Friday, he is seen walking up the stairs insidea house. He then walks quietly towards the teenager’s room and knocks on the door.

When heopened the door, Xzander was in shock.

Oh my God,” Xzandersaid. “I knew it! I knew it was you,” he said as he hugged his dad, giving hima few slaps on his back in the process.

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“You lied tome. What’s wrong with you?,” he continued, as Romeich reminded him that he hadpromised to give him a major surprise for his birthday.

Best birthday gift

Romeich, inhis caption, said that he will be spending the entire weekend with his son.

“Monday [email protected] bday so all he asked for was for me to come spend his day with himso I told him I can’t because I have work but had to move around things andcome make sure my biggest motivation happy!!!! Love u son so we gonna get aentire weekend,” he said.

Xzander alsoreposted the video on Instagram. “I think I got the best birthday gift Icould’ve asked for,” he said in his caption.

Romeich’spost has been liked more than 41,000 times, and there were tons of comments.

“Sweet likesugah! 🥺 @romeichentertainment. Much luv and respect to youand all the great Dads out there! This is wonderful,” media personality MissKitty said.

Entertainer Spiceadded: “The things that matter the most to them.”

There was evena comment from politician Lisa Hanna, who said: “Love love love this ❤️‼️❤️ @romeichentertainment.”

Source : buzz-caribbean

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