The assassination of the martyr Fakhri Zadeh … and the rolling Iranian response


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Certainly, this analysis is completely wrong. It is based on these analysts’ “understanding” of the elements of the topic they are analyzing, and not on the true nature of those elements as they are, including Iran. There is an “understanding” imposed on the mentality of most of these analysts, that the fate of the peoples and the land is in the hands of America, that the Israeli entity is an indomitable force, and that Iran is a state like other Islamic countries, with no way but to retreat in front of the American-Israeli bilateral.

It seems clear that these analysts’ lack of understanding of Iran, the leadership and the people, is the main reason behind their failure to analyze what is going on. Iran is a state of institutions, in all the meaning of this word, so it will not make a decision until after studying all its military, security, political and economic dimensions, at the level of tactics and strategies, and its decisions can be described as complex and with different faces and different levels, and they were never one-dimensional, superficial. Or instinctive.

There is no doubt that the decision to respond to the assassination of the martyr Fakhzy Zada ​​was taken, no doubt, and there is no ambiguity in that, but it will not, as some believe, a blow to a blow, but rather blows to a blow. The Iranian response will be by soft and rough means, in a complex and rolling manner, to achieve one goal, which is to increase the cost that the Israeli entity and America will pay for the assassination of the martyr Fakhri Zadeh, and by paying the Israeli-American duo dearly for the crime, and making this criminal duo think a thousand times before To take precedence over another crap.

When we say that the Iranian response is complex and rolling, we are aware of what we are saying. Its response will not be directed at Netanyahu and Trump only, but will also be directed at Biden, who analysts believe that Iran will not respond in order to keep his path back to the nuclear agreement passable. The Iranian response came in part from the day after the crime, when the Iranian parliament approved a bill requiring the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran to raise uranium enrichment in the Fordo nuclear facility to 20%. Meanwhile, discussion is still ongoing among MPs regarding the possibility of stopping commitment to the Additional Protocol to the Treaty on the Prohibition of the Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons.

The Iranian parliament’s decision, approved by 232 out of 246 deputies, which provides for the annual production of 120 kilograms of uranium enriched by 20%, and provides for the redesign of the “Arak” nuclear reactor, which works with heavy water, to what it was before the nuclear agreement. To pay Trump the price for his exit from the nuclear agreement, and Netanyahu to pay the price for his heinous crime, and to make them regret what they had done, but it was also taken in order to deprive Biden of building in Trump’s land, when he hinted at expanding the scope of the nuclear agreement to include the Iranian missile program and Iran’s political influence in the region, As a condition for returning to the nuclear deal.

Iran’s thoughtful and carefully calculated response to the heinous crime will not only fail the Trump and Netanyahu duo’s plan to prevent Biden from returning to the nuclear agreement, but Biden’s exploitation of the pressures that the aforementioned duo exerted on Iran, by returning him to square one with regard to the Iranian nuclear program exclusively, will fail. When he was the vice president of former US President Barack Obama, that is, to the year 2015 specifically.

As for Iran’s harsh response to the heinous crime, it is also absolutely inevitable. The two Trump and Netanyahu know before others that Iran shot down the giant American Global Hawk plane at an altitude of 20 thousand meters as soon as it entered Iranian airspace. Iran, which forced the US and Britain to release the Iranian oil tanker after it was detained in the Gibraltar region, Iran that demolished the largest base The US military in Iraq with missiles in response to the assassination of the two martyrs Qassem Soleimani and Abu Mahdi Al-Muhandis, and announced this openly during the day, in a precedent the world has not seen since the Second World War, Iran, which sent giant oil tankers loaded with fuel to the besieged Venezuela while it was flying The Iranian flag, without the US fleet in the Caribbean daring to approach it, will surely not hesitate to respond to the shocking terrorists Netanyahu and Trump for their heinous crime of assassinating the world martyr Fakhri Zadeh.

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