The Caspian Fleet Training … a Russian message to Azerbaijan and Turkey


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In an interview with the Russian “Interfax” agency, today, Sunday, Viktor Kravchenko, former chief of staff of the Russian Navy, said: “This may be the first message to them that Russia can take steps if necessary, including from the Caspian Sea side.” .

According to the expert, the ongoing exercises can be considered as a warning that the talk is about a region that falls within the realm of strategic interests of Russia and Moscow has military capabilities that cannot be underestimated.

Today, Sunday, the Russian Ministry of Defense reported that the Caspian Sea Fleet ship crews conducted a joint training with the crews of the Beyond Radar Station, to detect and destroy virtual enemy ships.

The exercises were launched in the central part of the Caspian Sea, last Friday, with the participation of six Russian warships, and include training fires using artillery shells and missiles at air and sea targets, in cooperation with the aviation of the Southern Military Region.

Turkey has repeatedly declared its full support for Azerbaijan in what Baku describes as operations aimed at liberating “Azerbaijani lands occupied by Armenia”, referring to the Karabakh region and seven adjacent areas, over which Baku lost control of the armed conflict in the region in 1992-1994.

Armenia accuses Turkey of directly interfering in hostilities on the side of Azerbaijan, including by sending Turkish military experts to Baku, as well as recruiting “mercenaries” from Syria and Libya. Baku and Ankara deny the accusations, while the Turkish ambassador to Washington, Sardar Kilic, said that armed elements of the “Kurdistan Workers Party (which is classified as a terrorist in Turkey) are fighting side by side with the Armenian forces in Karabakh.”

On October 9, Armenia and Azerbaijan reached, with the mediation of Russia, an agreement on a humanitarian truce on the demarcation lines as of October 10, but the two sides exchanged accusations of violating it on the same day.

Source : vistabuzz

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