The Central Bank of Iraq reassures about the exchange rate and foreign reserves


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The World – Iraq

The bank indicated that its foreign currency reserves are very good, stressing that it is able to overcome the current crisis that the country is going through.

The bank said, in a statement, that “the statements that have spread recently regarding the reduction of the Iraqi dinar exchange rate against the dollar represent the viewpoint of those who stated it and do not represent the official position of the Central Bank. This was accompanied by a number of rumors launched by speculators, which temporarily affected the price.”

He added that “the exchange rate is fixed and has not changed, and that its monetary policy is clear and transparent, knowing that its foreign currency reserves are very good, according to all international indicators and in a way that enables it to overcome the current crisis the country is going through.”

The Central Bank called on the media to “exclusively approve the sources of the Central Bank in this regard.”

Source : vistabuzz

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