The Last Kingdom


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Movie fans are delighted to see the Hollywood movie The Last Kingdom, based on the bestselling novels by John Grisham. While it is impossible to read the books and expect to enjoy this movie, it is possible to enjoy the film in its entirety. Here are my top 10 reasons to check out The Last Kingdom:

James Brown – Remember that funky James Brown jam? Grisham brings that to life in this film, while utilizing innovative effects to make everything seem believable. Not many songs from his career can match up to the surreal sound and visual presentation of this film. It’s a must-see for those who love hip hop and that album known as James Brown!

Red Band Trailer – People like to see trailers to see what the movie will be about before seeing it. This movie is no different, and having the chance to see the first major piece of the film is a great way to start your experience. The red band trailer was a big hit, and people continue to come back for more.

Harrison Haggard – Oh, Harrison Haggard, you did not forget us, did you? He plays the role of Uncle Shamus. Unfortunately, in order to keep him from overacting, the filmmakers made him sound like a little old man. He can’t sound much younger than 90, but if you listen to the role, he sounds rather angry.

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Hannah Montana – As if The Last Kingdom weren’t exciting enough on its own, we also get a dose of Hannah Montana. Watch the opening credits, and look for Hannah Montana in the background for a few moments. She will shine through.

Reel Rockin’ Reels – One terrific choice of songs that the filmmaker has chosen is “I’ve Had the Time of My Life.” The song truly captures the spirit of this film and gives us the first taste of what we can expect from a Grisham film.

New Characters – Other than Queen Isabella (played wonderfully by Kelly MacDonald), there are no new characters in The Last Kingdom. Instead, it focuses on the time between Elizabeth’s years of childhood and her eventual arrival at the castle at age 16. This gives us a chance to see her mature and face her troubles head on.

Overall, I found The Last Kingdom to be fun watching experience. Some of the top reasons I gave a thumbs up to the film is the great cast, some genuinely funny music choices, and some great footage from the Reel Rockin’ Reels.

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