The launch of Samsung Exynos 2100, the most powerful new Samsung processors


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Samsung Exynos 2100, for the first time in years, I am excited about a conference where a processor will be launched. For example, it was disastrous with a big performance difference between it and Snapdragon 865 – which it is supposed to compete with – and experience less than expected performance as a leading processor other than heat and network problems, now there is the new Exynos 2100 announced by Samsung, which we will see in the global version of the Galaxy S21, in this The news is that we publish some details about the new processor. Will this processor give hope to Exynos processors in the future?

Samsung Exynos 2100 launched

The new Samsung processor was launched in a quick conference today on the Internet, in which it announced the advantages of the new processor, its installation and its ability to operate various pieces of hardware and how it will benefit from it in the future, the next Exynos processor holds great hope for a radical and major change in all global Samsung devices, in the Arab world as an example We were suffering from the old Exynos processors even a device like the Note 20 is very poor compared to its competitors due to the Exynos 990 processor, so Vaccinos 2100 deserves to be at the forefront of the technical pieces that we should follow in 2021. This year Samsung is acknowledging its past mistakes and promising to fix them

The launch of Samsung Exynos 2100, the most powerful new processors Samsung 1

Samsung Exynos 2100 is based on a 5 nm resolution which is better than 7 nm last year with this difference 2100 promises you 10% higher performance than the 7 nm processors and 20% less battery consumption than the same processors, few numbers when read is very large when it affects It consists of 8 processor cores, a very high performance Cortex X1 core, a kernel for cooperation with ARM directly, with 3 new Cortex A78 cores for high performance, with 4 new Cortex A55 energy saving cores as well, the result, as Samsung says, is 30 times higher. % Of last year’s performance, accompanied by a Mali-G78 graphics processor, which carries 14 different graphics engines to give you 40% better performance, without high battery consumption, even as a result of improving the artificial intelligence in the graphic processor and processor, however, the new artificial intelligence cores will help Great in image processing and in controlling the handling of the device processor and the graphic processor with the device itself in providing a better experience in terms of performance and battery

A comparison between Samsung Exynos 2100 and Samsung Exynos 990

Samsung Exynos 2100 Samsung Exynos 990
Processor cores Cortex-X1 core at a speed of 2.9GHz

3 Cortex-A76 cores at 2.8GHz

4 Cores Cortex-A55 2.2GHz

Two Mongoose M5 cores at 2.73GHz

Two Cortex-A76 cores at 2.5GHz

4 Cortex-A55 cores at 2GHz

Graphic processor

ARM Mali-G78 MP14 ARM Mali-G77 MP11
The type of RAM

LPDDR5 RAM support

The core of artificial intelligence

3 artificial intelligence cores Two artificial intelligence cores
Cameras support Support for 200MP sensor

Support for shooting in 4K at 120fps

Support for 8K shooting at 60fps

108MP sensor support

Support for shooting in 4K at 120fps

Support for 8K shooting at 30fps


Support 4G LTE and 5G networks at 6GHz and millimeter waves

Download speeds up to 7.35Gbps

The modem is integrated into the processor

Manufacturing precision 5 nanometers

7 nm


When will we see Samsung Exynos 2100?

The launch of Samsung Exynos 2100, the most powerful new Samsung processors 2

We see Samsung Exynos 2100 on January 14, 2021 at the launch conference of Samsung Galaxy S21, the pioneer of the new year from Samsung, many and varied leaks surrounding this phone. Samsung at Apple prices? This year’s conference, despite our knowledge of a large percentage of what will happen, is an interesting conference as usual, let’s wait and see what Samsung will present on January 14, be with us, we will write about everything new and we will analyze all that will be issued in this conference in terms of phones, features and new news, so follow with us the next period

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