The Syrian Ministry of Oil begins pumping additional quantities of gasoline and oil derivatives to the provinces


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The World – Syria

According to the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA), the General Director of the Syrian Company for Storage and Distribution of Petroleum Materials (fuel), Eng. Ahmad Al-Shamat, confirmed in a statement to the Agency that the company started on Thursday morning, increasing the quantities of oil derivatives in the fuel stations in the governorates of Damascus and its countryside, provided that the pumping will increase. Gradually to the rest of the provinces.

The director, Shamat, explained that the increase in pumping quantities will lead to a gradual reduction in congestion at petrol stations and a return to normalcy.

And the Syrian Ministry of Oil issued a statement last Sunday explaining the fact that the percentage of gasoline distributed to the governorates has been reduced, and said that it is a result of the delay in the arrival of the contracted oil derivatives supplies to the country due to sanctions and the unfair US blockade against our country, with the aim of continuing to secure the needs of citizens and manage the available stock according The best possible shape; The quantities of gasoline distributed to the governorates have been temporarily reduced by 17% and the quantities of diesel by 24%, and she indicated that this matter will continue until the arrival of new supplies, which are expected to arrive soon, in order to fully address this matter.

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