The worst case scenario lurks a Bagh cow … villages and homes fly after the last attack


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It seems that the war is heading to the worst scenario, with the intensification of the bombing of cities in light of the mutual accusations of violating the armistice and targeting civilian areas.

The Azerbaijani authorities announced that at least twelve people were killed and more than forty others were wounded, after the city of Ganga, the second city in the country, was subjected to missile strikes.

It said that it also affected the neighboring city of Mingachevir, but Armenia denied that the bombing took place from inside its territory.

The targeting of Ganga came hours after the Azerbaijani forces bombed Stepanakert, the capital of Nagorno Karabakh.

Fighting also continued in other places, as Azerbaijani forces were reported to advance north and south of the line of contact with Karabakh, and said that they had taken up positions in two regions that had been under Armenian control since the end of World War I.

Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev announced that his country’s forces had taken control of three villages in the Khojavind region.

“At the direction of the president, the Azerbaijani army has started its military operations, and many regions and cities have been liberated. Operations will continue until the Azerbaijani flag flies in Stepanakert,” said Ilsad Habilov, a field commander in the Azerbaijani forces.

The Armenian Ministry of Defense confirmed that the Azerbaijani forces moved to a large-scale offensive after a prolonged bombing operation in the north and west of Nagorny Karabakh.

She said that the Armenian army repelled these attacks in the north, while fierce fighting continued in the south. And it announced the downing of two Azerbaijani drones inside the country’s airspace.

In an effort to contain the war in Karabakh, US Secretary of Defense Mark Esper and Minister of the French Armies, Florence Parly, called during telephone talks that the leaders of Armenia and Azerbaijan should fulfill their promises of an immediate ceasefire in Nagorny Karabakh and settle the conflict peacefully.

Informed sources said that the UN Security Council plans to hold a closed session next Monday at the request of the heads of the Minsk Group to discuss developments in the conflict in Karabakh.

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