Thousands of doses of Russian drugs against Corona reach Venezuela


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“The powerful anti-viral drug Favipiravir arrived from Russia,” Maduro said, in a televised speech on Sunday evening. “It has a very impressive efficacy in treating critically ill patients.”

Maduro showed a box of the Russian drug “avivavir” against the Corona virus, which was designed on the basis of the Japanese “faviravir”, and stated: “Thousands of doses have arrived from Russia to save lives.”

The Venezuelan President stressed that the distribution of this medicine to the citizens of his country will be carried out on a free basis.

And Caracas had previously announced that it was in negotiations with Moscow over the supply of Russian medicines against the emerging corona virus, including “avivavir”, “Coronavir” and “Aribeliever” to Venezuela.

In early October, the Venezuelan authorities received the first batch of the Russian vaccine against the disease, and Caracas announced that about a thousand people in the country would participate in clinical tests for this vaccine.

Source : vistabuzz

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