Thus, the Razavi shrine commemorated the martyrdom of Imam Ali bin Musa Al-Ridha (peace be upon him)


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One thousand two hundred thirty-nine years have passed since the martyrdom of Imam Ali bin Musa Al-Ridha, peace be upon him, when he was summoned as a crown prince to the city of Merv by the Abbasid caliph Al-Ma’mun, but he was soon killed by his hand two years after his appointment, as the loyalists did not and will not forget this memory. And they revive it annually.

On the twenty-ninth of the month of Safar, the administration of the Rady Shrine presented various paragraphs and councils, and in several languages, to introduce this painful calamity to Muslims.

After two months of offering condolences, grief and grief over the calamity of the Prophet’s house, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, all eyes are directed towards the Iranian city of Mashhad, for the followers of the House of People to bid them farewell, the months of Muharram and Safar, by reviving the martyrdom ceremonies of the eighth infallible descendants of the greatest Prophet in his pure shrine.

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