Twitter puts a warning flag on a tweet by Trump


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Today, Sunday, Twitter posted a warning sign on a tweet by US President Donald Trump, in which he claimed that he had become immune to the Corona virus, for violating the company’s rules for spreading misleading information about the virus.

Trump said in a tweet, “The full and complete approval of the White House doctors yesterday. It means that I cannot catch the infection (I have immunity), and I cannot transmit it. Knowing that is very beautiful.”

Twitter attached to the tweet’s trademark disclaimer of the company’s liability.

“This tweet violates Twitter’s rules for spreading misleading and possibly harmful information about Covid 19 disease,” the disclaimer said.

A spokeswoman for Twitter said that “the tweet makes misleading health allegations” about Covid 19, and that “the response to it will be very limited” as is the case with such tweets.

And the US President said earlier today, Sunday, that the doctors had concluded that he was no longer infected with Covid 19 and did not pose a risk of transmitting the infection to others, as he returned to large gatherings in the last weeks of the presidential election campaign.

Source : vistabuzz

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