UAE backed newspaper: Saudi Arabia is a failed state!


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The World – UAE

According to “Saudi Leaks,” the London newspaper, which is backed by the United Arab Emirates, said, “The phrase turning the page on the dispute seems more burdensome for the politicians themselves than the Saudi media.”

The newspaper indicated in an article by the newspaper’s managing editor, Karam Nehme, titled (Neither the boycott continues, nor Qatar has won!) That Saudi media celebrated the Gulf reconciliation.

The newspaper accused the kingdom of failing in all the crises it has gone through.

She asked: “When has Saudi Arabia succeeded before from the (Persian) Gulf to Iraq, Yemen, Turkey and Iran, if there was no external assistance force that would depend on it!”

The newspaper mocked an article published in the Saudi Al-Sharq Al-Awsat newspaper written by Abdul Rahman Al-Rashed.

Al-Rashed (the closest Saudi writer to the political decision-making center in his country) argued that there is no justification for portraying the reconciliation with Qatar as a retreat, defeat, or deficiency in expectations.

The newspaper said that Al-Rashed did not tell us anything that was achieved after the three-year political uproar.

She wondered: Does Saudi Arabia have any real strategy to read its future in a region where the Turkish and Iranian acquisitions are constantly escalating after the Iraqi role has declined.

Al-Rashed, known to be close to Mohammed bin Salman, wrote an article in the Middle East entitled (Reconciliation with Qatar).

Media sources in London revealed that Karam Nehme’s article in Al-Arab newspaper will be the beginning of an Emirati media campaign against the Kingdom.

The sources said that the Emirati intelligence had urgently requested Haitham Al-Zubaidi, editor-in-chief of Al-Arab newspaper, to write a strongly worded article attacking the reconciliation with Qatar.

Emirati trend

However, Al-Zubaidi, known as “Boy Ibn Zayed,” preferred to be written by Editor-in-Chief Karam Nehme, who relies on him a lot in managing the newspaper’s campaign against political Islam, Qatar and the Sultanate of Oman.

“It was not possible for the media to see what happened in the negotiations, but the close reading talks about ambiguous pledges for each country,” said Karam Nehme.

Each country pledges to respect the sovereignty of others and foreign policy and to refrain from interfering in each other’s internal affairs.

Karam added: The joint talk by all parties at the Gulf summit about brotherhood does not carry more than a repetition of prevailing talk that has no political significance.

However, he added: If we restore the statements of hostility, abuse and drop between the two parties since the declaration of the boycott by the Arab Quartet of Qatar in 2007 until days before Sheikh Tamim’s visit to Saudi Arabia.

“It is difficult to determine the achievements reported by the media in Saudi Arabia after a three-year political conflict,” he said.

He emphasized that Saudi sanctions against Qatar had failed to achieve their goals, and Qatar had not conceded anything.

Source : vistabuzz

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