Users of old iPhones have been complaining about their slowness since the launch of the iPhone 12


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After months of anticipation, Apple finally launched the iPhone 12, as the tech giant announced four new smartphones at its “High Speed” event on Tuesday, which are the “iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max.”

And while many iPhone enthusiasts are eager to get new devices, others have claimed that Apple slowed down their old iPhones after the new devices were launched.

One user said in a tweet on Twitter, that the way Apple is forcing us to buy new devices by slowing down old devices is an unacceptable way, while another user said that the launch of new devices does not necessarily mean slowing down previous versions of the iPhone.

Apple has explained the slow pace of old devices, as it has introduced a new update for iOS, and this means that many of the systems that make up your own device will change and this puts more pressure on the processor, and thus causes the device to slow down.

Adrian Kingsley, a technology specialist at Zednet told the Mirror Online newspaper that installing a new operating system on the iPhone causes a lot of things to run in the background, from indexing to resetting the battery, and this can last for hours or even days. .

Not only does this consume energy, but recalibrating the battery can give the impression that the battery is depleting more quickly. In addition to the occurrence of a lot of application updates after the new version, along with a lot of new features available that may drain more of the energy of the old phone.

IPhone 12 mini
In a related context, the battery life will not be in most models of the “iPhone 12” series phones as many expected, except in one model, which is the “iPhone 12 mini”.

The iPhone 12 mini is the smallest and lightest smartphone that supports 5G at the moment, and according to Apple, it saves 15 hours of watching the video before it needs to be recharged, and the time decreases to 10 hours when watching videos from YouTube or Netflix, while the device provides 50 An hour of playing music before it needs to be charged again.

Apple is infuriating its customers
Apple has raised its customers with the news that the new iPhone 12 phones will not be charged with a charger or headphone, to reduce its impact on the environment and reduce carbon emissions, as it said in its recent event, while this news was met with the anger of its customers online, as some suggested that it is more related to increasing margins. Profit and cut shipping costs instead of protecting the environment.

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