Vegan cheeze bake and spicy empanadas launch at Cooplands bakery


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“For people who are either vegan or just looking to eat less meat in their diet or trying to do their bit for the environment, it is a tasty option.”

Cooplands has expanded its plant-based range with a vegan cheese and vegetable bake addition.

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The U.K bakery chain has teamed up with Violife to use their great-tasting EPIC Mature Cheddar to create the new plant-based pasty.

The scrumptious vegan bake also contains vegetables such as potatoes, carrots, onions, swedes, peas, and diced peppers wrapped up in the bakery’s signature flaky pastry.

The product has been rolled out in more than 160 Cooplands outlets across the North of England priced at just £1.50.

‘Tasty option’

 “We are excited to partner with Violife to create a new plant-based cheese bake using their great tasting cheese replacement product,” CEO of Cooplands, Belinda Youngs said.

“For people who are either vegan or just looking to eat less meat in their diet or trying to do their bit for the environment, it is a tasty option.”

‘Everyone can enjoy’

The new offering is also in response to the growing demand for plant-based options in the North East and Yorkshire regions.

Simon Orchard, UK & Ireland Country Manager for Violife added: “As the UK’s favourite branded vegan alternative to cheese, we’re thrilled to be partnering with Cooplands to widen their existing plant-based range.

“Our EPIC Mature Cheddar Flavour has been hailed as the closest thing to mature cheddar ever made and so we’re confident that together we have created a product that everyone can enjoy – whether flexitarian, dairy-free or vegan.”

‘Helping people to live more lightly on the earth’

Commenting on the new product release, Toni Vernelli, head of communications, Veganuary, said: “Veganuary is creating a new wave of consumers with strong ethics and a big appetite!

“This is a real opportunity for businesses to improve and expand their vegan offerings for the growing climate-conscious audience.

“We’re delighted that Violife has risen to this challenge – helping people to live more lightly on the earth while still eating food they love – we can’t wait to try their new vegan Cheeze & Vegetable Bake, with a hint of chilli at Cooplands!”

Vegan Mexican Chilli Empanada

Cooplands has also rolled out new Ginsters Vegan Mexican Chilli Empanada – a Mexican-inspired vegan savoury pastry.

According to British Bakers, Ginsters teamed up with Finnish Gold & Green Foods to create the vegan empanada from pulled oats – an ingredient new to UK savoury pastry aisles.

The Vegan Mexican Chilli Empanada contains marinated pulled oats – made from a mix of oats, pea and fava beans, and is packed with protein.

It also features piquante pepper and ancho chillies in a smoky Mexican style sauce, all of which are wrapped in a light pastry with a smoked paprika topping.

‘Broaden appeal’

“This exciting range extension will continue to broaden appeal within the pre-family market, demonstrating that savoury pastry is a category of innovation which we continue to lead,” Ginsters managing director, Kieran Hemsworth said.

“The debut of Pulled Oats into UK savoury pastry, alongside contemporary flavours in this range, will expand our core snacking and vegan offering – two increasingly popular trends that will continue to boom.”

‘A winning combination’

“Pulled Oats is rich in goodness and free from compromises – there’s nothing else quite like it,” Andrew Ely, launch manager at Gold&Green Foods, added.

“We are incredibly excited to team up with another forward-thinking brand to bring Pulled Oats to the UK and showcase the versatility of savoury pastry. Our innovation and Ginsters baking expertise is a winning combination.”

The spicy empanadas are available as a pack of three in Morrisons stores nationwide for £3.

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