Voting begins to elect a new parliament in Egypt


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The first stage of voting ends on Sunday, and the second round will take place on the seventh and eighth of November, with the run-off rounds scheduled in late November and early December.

Voting is carried out under a new election law that allocates 50 percent of the 568 seats to pre-announced candidate lists, a system that opponents say benefits Sisi supporters.

The law allocates the rest of the seats subject to election to individual candidates, while Sisi appoints 28 deputies directly.

The list nominated for first place is “The Future of a Homeland”, which won in August nearly three-quarters of the Shura Council seats reserved for elections.

Billboards and giant banners spread throughout Cairo and other governorates for candidates in the various constituencies, urging Egyptians to go to the polls. Some candidates even filmed and broadcast video clips to attract voters.

Many members of the outgoing parliament are running again in elections in which several political parties participate with no real weight.

The majority of MPs were supporters of Sisi in the outgoing parliament and included only a small opposition bloc known as the 25/30.

The previous parliament was elected at the end of 2015, a year after Sisi took office, in a polling process that lasted a month and a half and in the almost complete absence of the opposition.

The rate of participation was low (28%) in those elections, in contrast to the atmosphere of enthusiasm that prevailed in the 2012 elections that were organized after the overthrow of Mubarak on February 11, 2011.

Source : vistabuzz

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