Wallis Day urges fans to go vegan for a ‘brighter future’


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“I’m proud to be part of the vegan revolution that’s taking place around the world.”

Vegan actor Wallis Day is calling on fans to go vegan and embrace a brighter, sensitive future for the animals and the planet.

The actor whose new film, Infinite, is set for release in May stars in a new PETA campaign to promote the benefits of vegan living.

‘Vegan revolution’

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Day went vegan in 2017 after she learned about how animals were raised and brutally killed for food.

“When I learned about the horrifying treatment of animals raised and killed for food, I didn’t want to be part of that,” she said in a statement released by PETA.

“Now, I’m proud to be part of the vegan revolution that’s taking place around the world. I feel good knowing that I’m doing my part to reduce my carbon footprint and spare animals the horrors of the slaughterhouse.”

Kallis Day

25-year-old Kallis day is an accomplished actor, model, activist, female founder, martial arts-trained polymath, and passionate motorbike-rider.

Apart from acting and modelling, she is also the founder of her own vegan business, Vegan Punk – coming soon – and publicly advocates subjects like human sex trafficking, the Black Lives Matter movement, and climate change.

In an earlier interview, the vegan actor told syfy, that although she was vegan, “I’m still weak for sushi. I could eat it every meal forever and ever… Mmm rock shrimp tempura!”   

‘Single best thing’

According to vegan charity PETA, ditching animal products has a slew of benefits including preventing pandemics, saving animal lives, reducing your carbon footprint, and staying healthy.

It states that animal agriculture is killing our planet and is responsible for a greater proportion of greenhouse-gas emissions, which is, in turn, aggravating the climate crisis.

“Going vegan is the single best thing we can do as individuals to tackle some of the biggest threats to our world. Let’s do it!” PETA said.

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