Wash your hair! That is Konshens’ advice for Jamaican men


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Men, likewomen, are expected to wash their hair, but it seems some males have been foregoingthat hygienic practice. Well, that’s according to Konshens.

Claimingthat women have been ‘grumbling’, the dancehall artiste had little reminder forhis male followers.

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“Rudebwoy…di neat style inna dutty tinkin hair anno IT needa innuh mi fren. 🙄. Gal dem a grumble an a mumble an a whisper softly.Wah dat!! Unnu fix it deh.🚿🛁🧼 #clean #nevadirty #konshens#dancehall #🌋 #mijusaseh,” he said in an Instagrampost on Friday.

Thatcaptioned accompanied two photos of Konshens’ wet and shirtless upper body.There was also soap in his hair and on his face.

Interestingly,few of the responses to the post were from men. Instead, the comments sectionwas flooded with women admiring the entertainer’s body and face.

“Then melust, mi a wah bad person cause u married 🙄🙄🙄🙄I give up,” one person said.

“This postisn’t about washing hair and you know it,” another added.

And afterteasing that he was going to join OnlyFans some time ago, there were manypersons suggesting that he should provide content on the adult-oriented subscription-basedplatform.

One femalefan even went as far as to say he should charge US$59.99 monthly. His response:“Mek sure a u fus subscribe lol.”

Source : buzz-caribbean

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