Washington accuses Moscow of backing away from the nuclear disarmament treaty agreement


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The US President’s Special Representative for Arms Control, Marshall Billingsley, said in a tweet on Friday evening, “The United States has made all possible efforts. Russia’s retreat from the agreement that includes for the first time all nuclear warheads is disappointing.”

Billingsley considered that this deal could have become historic if it was signed, adding that it is beneficial to both the United States, Russia and the entire world.

Earlier Friday, Russian President Vladimir Putin put forward an initiative to unconditionally extend the “New START” treaty to limit strategic offensive weapons with the United States for a year.

Putin said at a meeting of the National Security Council that the collapse of the treaty, which expires on February 4, without replacing it with another similar agreement, would be “very regrettable.”

But the National Security Adviser, Robert O’Brien, proposed Putin’s proposal, saying that extending the treaty “without freezing the arsenals of nuclear warheads is an idea doomed to failure from the start.”

The third version of the Strategic Offensive Reduction Treaty, which was concluded between Russia and the United States in 2010, as an extension of the agreement signed in 1991 in Moscow, is the only working deal between the two parties on arms reduction, due to Washington’s withdrawal, on August 2, 2019, from the Intermediate Missile Disarmament Treaty. And short term.

While Russia has repeatedly affirmed its readiness to extend the Treaty on Strategic Offensive Control with the United States, the administration of US President Donald Trump has not expressed its desire to do so, while calling for negotiations on a broader tripartite agreement on nuclear weapons that includes China.

Russia and the United States have so far held two rounds of negotiations on the issue of the treaty, which were held in the Austrian capital Vienna on June 22 and August 18, and so far have not yielded any concrete results.

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