Watch .. a Yemeni expert talks about a new tactic to liberate Marib


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Rashid stressed, during his participation in the Yemeni Al-Mashhad program on Al-Alam TV, the necessity of an organized military action, and this explains the transfer of operations from the direct operation to the geostrategic process to change the rules of engagement to impose a political reality that is acceptable to all.

Rashid continued: Today’s battles are moving to advanced steps towards the city of Ma’rib, and this decision was taken by the supreme leadership, and what observers and the military see that the battles turned into battles to tighten the noose, we are working today to change the rules of engagement within the progress of parallel battles in order to recognize the rules of engagement by clashing with each other and this is what The Yemeni army and the popular committees achieved it, along with strategic strikes with various weapons.

For more details, watch the attached video.

Source : vistabuzz

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