Watch .. Protests in Lebanon demanding accountability for the corrupt


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A year after the start of the demanding protests in Lebanon, before some of them turned into foreign embassies platforms, I tried to employ people’s rightful demands and diverted them from the real goals..

Today, under the weight of the economic crisis that wanted more than half of the Lebanese people, below the poverty line, popular marches and gatherings were organized, raising slogans calling for economic and financial reform, accountability for the corrupt, and the recovery of smuggled and stolen money..

The participants considered that reforms have become more than necessary before the country finally fell into the abyss of impotence, stressing their rightful living demands.

It is noteworthy that Lebanon is experiencing an unprecedented economic crisis, the unjust US sanctions were the most prominent of which affected all Lebanese alike, at a time when the political scene is loosening its shadow over the country, due to the disparity between political forces, about forming a government that works to save Lebanon and fortify its prevention Interior outlines face exterior.

Details in the attached video …

Source : vistabuzz

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