Watch .. This is how Iran defeated its American opponent in a resounding defeat!


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It was a day that Tehran described as very important to the international community, despite the United States ’attempts, UN Resolution 2231 was implemented, and according to October 18, all arms restrictions imposed on Iran were lifted, a matter that Tehran considers a political victory and that it opened the door wide for it to engage in legitimate trade with other countries. Including the arms trade.

Brigadier General Ali Fadawi, Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps in Iran, said: “Iran will act after lifting restrictions within its covenants, and this comes from the basis of Islamic teachings, and if one of these treaties is violated, we will respond strongly to it.”

Months of American fanfare preceded the date of lifting the arms restrictions on Iran, as Washington did not keep any path but its path, but it failed, including its endeavor in the UN Security Council to restore the UN embargo and extend the arms embargo, which was rejected by all 13 members of the UN Security Council and rejected by 3 successive presidents of the Security Council They expressed support for its demands in this context, as they considered that it was not qualified to activate the trigger mechanism for its exit from the nuclear agreement and was no longer a member of it, and this is what Tehran considers a resounding defeat for America.

After an ebb and flow, and after months of American efforts to prevent its occurrence, which all aborted Iran, all arms restrictions have been lifted.

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