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Jaguar Land Rover is working with several software, transportation and communications companies to develop a smart city model that enables realtime tests of the connected technologies needed to enable selfdriving cars to share roads with regular cars, pedestrians and bicycles.

The center, called the FMCI, will be a common testing space that contains 12 km of public roads, providing the facilities and knowledge needed to obtain valuable data, simulate different types of roads and traffic, and to test new technologies. As part of these trials, an allelectric Jaguar IPACE will be piloted to this assembly for testing.

This new test space will contribute to the development of Jaguar Land Rover’s research on autonomous connected electric coelectric vehicles (ACES), an extension of the company’s commitment to making societies safer and healthier using advanced technology.

This virtual facility will be equipped with sensors throughout the site, along with highprecision positioning systems, a data management and control center, and selfdriving car models. This site will include smart interchanges and roads, as well as autonomous parking and electric vehicle charging points, with 450 km highway connections, and a controlled air corridor for drones from Shannon Airport along the mouth of the Shannon River in Ireland.

Jaguar Land Rover is a key partner in the “Ireland’s Future Transportation Park” and will collaborate with a group of global technology companies to develop this facility, including Cisco, Seagate and Renovo. And Red Hat and Mergon. Similar sites are usually set up in remote locations, while Ireland’s Future Transportation Complex provides Jaguar Land Rover with a public research site close to its software facility in Shannon.

Jaguar smart cities

“This smart city model provides excellent facilities for global companies to work together and develop worldleading technology, from selfdriving cars to communications infrastructure,” said Russell Vickers, CEO of the Future Transportation Complex in Ireland (FMCI). This test space provides an opportunity for realistic experiences that help answer some of the questions related to the future of transportation, in a very efficient collective. ”

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