What clothes needs a newborn baby


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What is the clothing needs of a newborn baby is the first question a pregnant woman raises in the last stages of pregnancy within the stage of birth preparations and reception of the newborn, and in this article a simplified and organized list of the various needs and basics of the newborn will be presented.

The needs of the mother after childbirth

Before determining what the newborn’s needs in terms of clothes, it is necessary to talk about the needs of the mother after childbirth, whether she is in the hospital or at home, and in addition to psychological and physical comfort, the mother needs the following:[1]

  • Comfortable and loose-fitting clothes, to leave the hospital or clinic, and special nightwear to facilitate the process of breastfeeding, such as bras that are suitable for breastfeeding.
  • Preparing breastfeeding pads, as milk may be secreted even if the mother is not breastfeeding the newborn.
  • Buying sanitary pads for childbirth, and using clean, cotton underwear.
  • Preparing moisturizing body creams, which work to nourish the skin and reduce the appearance of white cracks on the mother’s skin after childbirth, especially in the stomach and chest areas.
  • Preparing an eye mask and earplugs as a way to facilitate sleep.

What clothes needs a newborn baby

The needs of the newborn baby are divided into clothes, furniture and personal needs, and it is necessary to prepare all these supplies before entering the stage of childbirth, that is, upon reaching the thirty-sixth week of pregnancy, and from the necessary clothes we mention the following:[2]

  • Six sets of sleepwear and long-sleeved cotton underwear.
  • Six sleepwear with short sleeves or without sleeves.
  • Two jackets.
  • Wool or fur kit in case of birth in winter.
  • Hat, gloves and cotton socks.
  • Six cotton “bananas” according to the season.
  • Bathrobe.

Newborn baby furniture

Special furniture and bedding must be prepared and acquired to prepare the newborn’s room, and we mention the following:[3]

  • A baby cot that may be used until a newborn reaches infancy.
  • Mattresses, sheets, blankets and cotton bedspread.
  • Baby medical pillow.
  • A musical game placed on the bed.
  • Special car seat.
  • Baby stroller.

Personal needs

In addition to clothes and furniture, the special needs of the newborn can be classified as essential and basic supplies, and we mention the following:[4]

  • Cotton nappy pad.
  • Alcohol-free wet wipes.
  • Small towels.
  • Pacifier
  • Great towels.
  • Hair brush.
  • nail scissor.
  • Sponge for bathing.
  • Baby shampoo and shower gel.
  • Perfume and moisturizer for children’s skin.
  • Baby bag on the way out.
  • Cotton for cleaning the ear, and a special cotton for cleaning the tongue.
  • Diapers.
  • Milk bottles, in anticipation of the end of the breastfeeding phase, and a special brush for cleaning milk bottles.

Medical tools for the newborn baby

After determining what the newborn’s needs in terms of clothes, it must be emphasized the importance of the medical equipment necessary for the care of the newborn, such as a thermometer for children and infants, the acquisition of a nasal spray and aspirator to clean it constantly, as well as preparing a special cream for rashes and dermatitis resulting from the use of diapers, and medicines to sterilize and clean the baby’s navel.[4]

The basic need for a newborn baby

The main answer to the question of what the newborn’s needs in terms of clothes is the basic need for the infant, which is breastfeeding, as it provides him with all the food and vitamins he needs during the first six months, and it meets hunger and thirst at the same time, and it is a love bridge between the mother and her child. Maintain a healthy and balanced diet, and refrain from smoking and taking medications that affect the quantity and quality of milk.[5]

What is the clothing needs of a newborn baby is a necessary and fundamental question to prepare for the stage of reception of the newborn, and it requires determining the list of supplies before entering the charming and beautiful world of children’s stores.


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