What do you need to understand about vaccine manufacturing?


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If some of the elderly of us look at his upper arm, he will see the effects of a scar that healed long ago.

This scar is what is left of the smallpox vaccine, and if these adults look at their grandchildren’s upper arm, they will notice that they are free from the effects of such a scar, and the reason for this is simple, which is that the discovery of the smallpox vaccine was able to completely eradicate the disease, and therefore children are not vaccinated in some countries today against the smallpox epidemic.

Most people know this fact, but what many do not know is that the smallpox vaccine is more than 200 years old and that access to the vaccine required working hard on the scientific, then social and political levels, so that the vaccine would be approved by the elected bodies and medical associations to vaccinate people.

Perhaps a quick lapse of history SmallpoxAnd his vaccine will light up some of the dark tunnels in which humanity entered in 2020 with the Corona epidemic sweeping the world, and the accompanying controversy that continued even after the discovery of the vaccine and the start of vaccination campaigns against the virus.

Smallpox is a viral disease known for hundreds of years. If it invaded an area, it killed many of its people. Some Indians and Chinese noticed 1000 years ago that grinding dry smallpox pimples and then inhaling them in the nose of a person leads to a slight infection that will soon protect the owner from severe disease.

Nevertheless, prevention remained the most effective way to avoid infection and death. In 1678, the first medical paper on how New Englanders organized themselves during the smallpox and measles epidemic was published in Boston.

Then, by the eighteenth century, cases of smallpox vaccination began to spread by finishing, which is finishing the skin with remnants of smallpox pustules through superficial abrasions that lead to the formation of a mitigating but protective case of the disease. These finishing operations reduced the mortality rate from 20-30% of those with smallpox to 3-4% of the finishers.

Then in 1749, Edward Jenner 1749-1823 was born in Britain, who would have a major role in discovering the smallpox vaccine by noting that maids who were milking cows did not contract chickenpox if they contracted cowpox while milking the infected udder of cows.

In 1896, Jenner conducted his famous experiment by inoculating a child with pimple residues from a woman who had been infected with cowpox. The child contracted cowpox, and then recovered from it. Then Jenner intended to finish this child with remnants of chickenpox pustules that infect humans, so the child was kept healthy and healthy without contracting chickenpox.

Then Jenner deliberately transferred cowpox from one person to another, which showed human immunity against chickenpox in those who had been vaccinated with cowpox.

Despite this tremendous discovery, the Royal Society rejected Jenier’s report in which he wrote the results of his research, as it was only for him to publish a self-publication entitled: “Investigating the causes and effects of variolae vaccinae”.

From here began the use of the word vaccinae, which means cows that soon became a vaccine, which today means vaccine.

From Britain, Waterhouse transported the vaccine to America and vaccinated his children. Then, he wrote to President John Adams to try to encourage the vaccine to spread to the public. But Adams did not respond to the desired response, so Waterhouse sent a letter to Vice President Thomas Jefferson, and he received a very encouraging response from him that prompted his signature: Your humble obedient servant Thomas Jefferson.

By 1806 Thomas Jefferson had become America’s third president, after George Washington and John Adams, and had aggressively adopted and encouraged the smallpox vaccine, as his letter to Jenner’s nephew showed.

This official presidential support resulted in the establishment of the United States Vaccination Authority in 1813.

Then the development of the vaccine continued until humanity was able to completely eliminate the disease, and even eradicate it several decades ago to the point that the vaccine is no longer required.

This long time that it took to produce and apply the vaccine is due to the fact that medicine was the rudimentary tools, despite the fact that people’s trust in doctors was high.

Returning to our present times, what happened during the past year of the spread of the Corona epidemic in all parts of the world and the frantic race that accompanied that spread in an attempt to find a treatment and then a vaccine for the virus revealed the great difference in thinking among people during 200 years.

Although the methods of medicine today have become amazingly advanced, people’s confidence in medicine and doctors has been shaken. The reason for this is the spread of fake news, due to the advancement of social media on the one hand, and the failure of people to verify what they hear and see on the other hand. It has become very easy to spread any false news after wrapping it with a shiny cover that gives it a kind of reliability and credibility as a doctor who wears a white or blue robe and speaks confidently that the vaccine is a conspiracy because a vaccine can only be produced after tens of years by forgetting or intentionally or unintentionally forgetting that medicine is in The twenty-first century is not like it in the eighteenth century, and that the tools of medicine today have made advanced strides in methods of identifying the disease and reaching its basics, as happened with the Corona virus, which made modern genetics easy to discover its genetic map and spread it within weeks of disease, which made it easier for scientists to develop The vaccine is not against the virus itself, but against one of its assistive devices that enables it to enter the human cell, which are the prongs that stick to its surface.

The Pfizer Bionic vaccine and the Moderna vaccine, which is the genetic code that enables the body to manufacture thorns and thus form antibodies against them, even if a person is exposed to the virus, those antibodies attacked the spines of the virus and thus prevented it from penetrating and entering the human cell, which resulted in a protection of up to 95% against disease. .

This amazing progress in the Corona vaccine seems to be out of a science fiction movie, but it is a proven fact.

This confirmed fact is what made many doctors queue up without hesitation to receive the vaccine as soon as it becomes available, despite the attempts made by the confusion of the conspiracy temple dam, who appeared to belong to all civilizations and religions without discrimination.

But on the other hand, many of the doctors who contributed to combating the disease and discovering its vaccine belong to the various groups and bees, including the Muslims who were at the top of the hierarchy of these discoveries with their counterparts.

The issue of spreading fake news is not limited to one group without another, nor is the fight against it confined to one human group without another. Today, this issue has become the most dangerous issue facing the human race, and it must be fought by spreading the foundations of sound thinking to cut off the traps of counterfeiters.

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