Will Gantz shoot Netanyahu?


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The world – the occupation

After nearly 6 months of Netanyahu heading the occupation government, Benny Gantz is closely watching Netanyahu’s approval of the government’s handover to him.

Will Netanyahu hand over the government to Gantz in an easy, transitional way without any obstacles or problems? This issue has become the talk of the street, the media, and writers in the media of the Israeli occupation.

The “Israeli” writer in the Hebrew newspaper Haaretz “Akiva Novak” published an article entitled My Question: “Is Gantz pointing his gun at Netanyahu?”

Under this article, the “Israeli” writer indicated that if Netanyahu retreated from the understandings with Gantz, the latter would support the law that would prevent Netanyahu from standing at the head of the government.

The writer said: “Gantz retained this momentary idea in exchange for a promise to rotate, and it indicates that there is no orderly value theory that has restricted his movement, but the need for a political bargaining chip.”

He added: “At the end of the era of restraint and containment, Gantz moved this week to Plan D, indicating that he is considering the possibility of forming a committee to examine the issue of submarines,” according to the website “Ynet”.

What distinguishes Gantz more than “research into the possibility of testing”, the author asked. Are there things to examine? You don’t know anything about it? You are the Minister of War, you were Chief of Staff, and you promised on the eve of the elections to form an official commission of inquiry into the matter, so did you promise in vain? And as the occupiers know, “if you want to shoot, shoot and don’t talk.”

He pointed out that Gantz does not want to shoot, “The submarine issue is for him just an ax to dig with and anger Netanyahu, who is not accused in the case, but his close surroundings are accused of it up to his neck. It is not in vain that Netanyahu hastens to respond to every mention of the matter. The public diagnoses him with the case, and every preoccupation with it.” Does not serve him politically. “

He indicated that Gantz was happy to sow salt on Netanyahu’s wounds, but at a frighteningly cynical timing – he had been able to discuss the possibility of examination since he entered the War Ministry. The testimonies of general directors and legal advisers in the ministry, which were revealed last week, have known them for a long time, but chose to do so when Likud confirmed the story. Until then, he clung to the government’s legal advisor’s decision not to investigate the matter, and showed his confidence in the system. Now Gantz is not discussing the security sense of the issue, but the political meaning. How will this examination process serve his Blue and White party, and how will Netanyahu and his family respond to it? Specifically, the person who does not stop talking about values ​​and integrity is turning the security of the occupation into a political uproar. “

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