Windows 10 installs web office applications without user permission


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Microsoft recently sent Windows 10 a forced update to users, but it included something that angered everyone, which is that Microsoft was not satisfied with the content of the security update and the forced restart, but rather it added special web applications for the Office package that run through the Edge browser as well as in the Start menu.

Web applications are more like shortcuts in that they are not installed on the device, but rely on the web to run those programs, and at the same time they are not web pages, but applications that depend on the device’s resources and obtain their content from the web.

What bothered users was that those apps were downloaded without asking for user permission. It is a step to promote its online suite of office applications based on the huge Windows 10 audience.

Once again, the debate between Windows users shows that they practically do not have absolute power. Rather, their devices remain governed by Microsoft, as it sends them whatever it wants. The idea of ​​mandatory updates is good and has been around for a long time so that they are downloaded regardless of the update settings, and this is good for protecting users, but does not mean misusing it and spreading advertisements for the rest of Microsoft’s services and applications.


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