Woman Arrested After Wrongly Accusing Cyclist Of Trespassing, Threatening Her Because He’s Black


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Note: This video contains strong language.

Otis Campbell and two his friends, Tamara and Caitlyn, expected a relaxing day outside in the sun.

The three friends were simply trying to head out onto the pier in Winnetka, Illinois when a woman approached them. She demanded to see their pier passes.

The woman claimed they were standing on private property and that they needed passes in order to be in that area.

“I take a bike ride every day to relax at the pier all the time, the staff knows me,” Otis told her, filming the exchange with his phone.

“This is America, you’re not supposed to be here,” she reportedly fired back.

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The woman then went to find a staff member to complain, but the staff member echoed what Otis had already told her.

“To walk up and down this driveway and onto the pier, they don’t need passes,” she told the woman.

The staff member then called her manager as the woman turned back to Otis with a bizarre accusation that came out of left field: “It’s not funny, do you want to kill me?”

“Is it because I’m black?” he replied… to which the woman responded “yes.” Unbelievable!

Watch the clip below to see the disturbing encounter that led Otis to calling the police, who ended up arresting the woman on battery charges.

Video Credit: Newsflare

Source : littlethings

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