Yoga poses to prevent breast cancer


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Experts recommend practicing yoga exercises and poses to maintain health and prevent many diseases, and this applies to breast cancer, which is one of most common types of cancer among women.

Here are a handful of yoga poses that help prevent breast cancer, according to The Times of India:

Prasarita Padottanasana
Step 1: Stand at end of rug with your feet toger and hands on both sides
Step 2: Take a deep breath and take a step back with your right foot and rotate your body to face long edge of rug.
Step 3: Stretch your hands out and bring m up to your shoulder level, n bring m back and interlock m toger near your hips
Step 4: Take a deep breath while pushing your chest forward so that your torso is tight, n bend forward as much as possible while balancing your body weight.

Step 1: Sit on carpet with your legs straight in front of you
Step 2: Bend your knees and place your right knee over your left knee
Step 3: Bend your right elbow and place your right arm behind your back
Step 4: Place your left arm over your head, bend your elbow toward your back, and try to interlock your fingers.
Step 5: Pause for 30 seconds, n change hands

Ardha matsyendrasana
Step 1: Sit on floor with your legs straight in front of you
Step 2: Bend your knees, n extend your right knee on mat and bring right foot close to your left hip
Step 3: Bring your left ankle close to your right knee
Step 4: Raise your right arm over your head and put it back on mat behind your hip
Step 5: Put your left arm on right leg as you turn to face your right side
Step 6: Rotate your neck, waist, and shoulders to right and keep your spine upright while taking a deep breath.
Step 7: Hold this position for a few seconds and n return to starting position. He repeated same movements on or side

Step 1: Lie on your stomach with your legs and feet extended toger
Step 2: Raise your hands back and interlock your fingers near your hips with your chin on floor
Step 3: Lift your chest and shoulders off ground. At same time, raise your hands as possible
Step 4: Hold for a few seconds, n return to starting point

Step 1: Lie on your stomach with your feet shoulder width apart
Step 2: Put your arms under your head
Step 3: Turn your heels, close your eyes, and let your body relax
Step 4: Press your belly to ground and hold this position for a few seconds

Step 1: Lie comfortably on your stomach with your feet hip width apart and arms at your sides
Step 2: Bend your knees and hold ankles of both legs with your hands
Step 4: Take a breath with your chest and legs off ground. Keep your face straight, and pull your legs up as far as you can. And your body should be taut like a bow
Step 5: Hold this position for 45 seconds, n return to starting position

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