YouTube generates $ 5 billion in ads during the third quarter, and Google is returning to growth


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Alphabet revealed its third-quarter financial results, which showed revenue growth of about 14% compared to last year, driven by YouTube’s profits, whose advertising revenue was only $ 5 billion, in addition to Google’s revenue.

From this number we understand that the advertisers who had boycotted the platform, have returned to it, even if partially. YouTube now has more than 30 million subscribers with its paid music service and a total of 35 million subscribers.

The YouTube TV service has 3 million subscribers, although the service raised its fees last June, but it is still attracting subscribers.

Due to the Corona crisis and the global closure, viewership rates increased, and some videos have achieved a boom in views, such as teaching masks and face masks at home.

Looking at the most important thing … Google, its advertising revenue has reached more than $ 37 billion, with a growth of about $ 3 billion over the previous one, and YouTube’s advertising revenue has grown by 30%.

The good news is that Google has returned to its revenue growth after the previous quarter, which it suffered from a decline due to Corona and advertisers boycott. Google’s total revenues (advertising and otherwise) amounted to about $ 46.2 billion, about $ 6 billion, and net profits amounted to $ 11.24 billion, a growth of $ 3 billion from the previous one.

As for other Google sectors, such as devices and the Google Play Store, revenues have grown to reach $ 5.4 billion, and of course other sectors such as self-driving cars are still reporting losses and exceeding one billion dollars in a quarter, and this is expected.

While the cloud computing sector has grown its revenues to more than $ 3.4 billion and the search sector has grown to more than $ 26 billion, Google revealed that it has 235 million daily meetings and more than 7.5 billion video calls made through its Meet service.



Source : vistabuzz

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