Yumi is a new newsletter dedicated to the professional development and business world


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Postal newsletters are returning to the interface again in an ascending order, and while the topics that are specific to newsletters vary around the world, it appears to us Daily Bulletin Specialized in professional development and business news in Arabic. It is a newsletter that is published three times a week by the Yumi company, which works in the field of education and media.

The daily newsletter is divided into three sections; The first section contains a short essay on professional development and self-development, while the second section deals with technology and business news analysis and tips that benefit the reader, and at the end of the bulletin there is a diary section that includes company news, technological developments and global trends, in addition to links to sites of interest to the reader.

Yumi founder Nazar Buladian says about the bulletin: “Every day we strive to raise the efficiency of Arab youth in the field of professional development and personal skills to improve their chances of entering the labor market, at a time when the labor market tends to employ individuals with high qualifications and those who enjoy With communication skills, time management and other interpersonal skills that are not taught in universities, more than ever. ”

What distinguishes my day from the rest of the newsletters?

Daily Newsletter is the first modern Arabic publication specialized in professional development, and it is distinguished from other publications by the fact that it does not require more than 3 minutes to read! The reason lies not in the short time needed to read the newsletter because it is brief, but because it relies on condensing the information and presenting it in a concise and simple language that is understandable to the average reader. The Daily Bulletin also relies on professional writers who have scientific backgrounds and considerable practical experience, and base their writings on reliable scientific sources from the most important scientific and news platforms to publish them.

Regarding the distinctive features of Yumi, Poladian explains: “This is a daily choice from its inception as an idea, and it stems from our belief that time is the most valuable resource for mankind, and that the use of elegant expressions, complex methods and fillers is not only outdated by time, but it also stands in the way of continuous learning and self-development. “.

What is Yume’s message?

Yumi confirms that its publication is based on participation and belief in the capabilities of Arab youth, and its belief in the importance of continuous learning, professional and personal development, and placing the Arab reader in the latest developments in the business world.

Source : vistabuzz

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