Zoom lunch? Interview in a public park? Recruitment firms in Europe adjust to Corona


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Walking in the snow while interviewing a job applicant has become one of the things he has gotten used to while working at Blake Whitman at his job site in Prague, as he has adopted new approaches to coping with the pandemic that shook the job market in Europe.

Recruiters found that the restrictions made it difficult for them to reach potential job candidates as their numbers decreased because many job holders prefer to maintain the status quo rather than search for new jobs.

Video interviews have become the trend for any vacancies. However, many recruiting companies resort to more than that and arrange lunch via the Zoom app as a way to conduct conversations without cost.

Companies also rely more on remote psychological tests because they are unable to test candidates personally.

Recruiters say that preferring job security over a higher wage will slow wage growth, which will delay wages in central Europe catching up with those in western Europe.

Firms face greater difficulties in retaining workers. Swiss hiring giant Adecco said job opportunities exist, but companies should support training for existing workers.

Source : vistabuzz

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